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Organize your competition and
take it to the max

Automate administrative work and focus on the experience of athletes and public. WodBuster Arena is designed to be easy, fast and intuitive for you and your athletes.

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What competition are you organizing?


* Boxes of WodBuster
  • Ideal for internal and interboxes
  • You can make the registrations yourself or let the active athletes of the box(es) register themselves with or without previous payment


9 €
  • Ideal for all types of competition if registration is done outside of the WodBuster Arena.
  • You register the athletes just by entering the email and the category


150 €
  • Ideal for qualifiers and face-to-face without qualifiers
  • We do not charge any commission. You can make payments with Stripe, Redsys, Ceca, UniversalPay, Paypal


  • Ideal for face-to-face with a qualifier
  • Only who you have invited will be able to sign up. This type of competition requires having previously had a public competition.


For any type of competition and at any stage of it

Inside your box(es), Open to everyone, qualifying or face-to-face. Whatever your competition, we make it easier for you 💪


Key Features for Athletes

  • List of competitions to discover yours.
  • Upload the video links to the platform.
  • See the results in real time.
  • Write to the organization from the app.
  • Palmares on your WodBuster profile
  • You will be able to see all the competitions in which you have participated, without an expiration date.


Main features for Judges

  • With a single click you can validate the videos and judge each non-rep by adding comments.
  • Unlimited judges.
  • When validating the videos, it will be known who has judged or is judging each video, so as not to step on each other.


Main Features for Organizers

  • Be able to generate QR Codes. Both for the checkin of athletes and for entrances to the public.
  • White label script for your website. You can include the leaderboard on your website, as if it were yours
  • Sending invitations. You can customize the invitation email.
  • Welcome email sent.
  • Option to choose the type of tiebreaker.
  • Being able to decide the number of changes teams can make.
  • Creation of promotional codes.
  • Registration price per periods. You can select the cost of registration by dates. Ex. 06/01/22 to 06/07/22 at €15 and until 06/30/22 €25
  • Choice of size for merchandising. When paying the inscription, option to choose the size of the t-shirt, sock or the merchandising that you want.
  • Choice of day and time in which the wod is made public.
  • Unlimited categories.


We are at your disposal for any questions that may arise


In case you prefer to contact us directly

P91 123 81 03 Madrid, España (+34)
P93 220 58 48 Barcelona, España (+34)